The National Spatial Strategy

2002 - 2020

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Preparation of the NSS

Stage 3 Public Consultation

Stage 3 of the process involved a phase of consultation with local authorities, other relevant organisations and the general public. This process was initiated with the holding of a major national conference, the Limerick Leaders? Forum on 1 December 2000. In early 2001, the process was continued with the holding of eight Regional Roadshows.

In September 2001, a public consultation paper on the National Spatial Strategy, Indications For The Way Ahead [provide link], was published. This document was based both on the Stage 2 research and the messages received from previous public consultation and regional roadshows. Indications For The Way Ahead was launched in conjunction with the NSS website. This marked the start of a further phase of consultation with regional and local authorities, the social partners, sustainable development interests, other groups and the general public throughout September, October and November 2001. 259 submissions were received in response to Indications for the Way Ahead. This feedback was used in the process of finalising the NSS.

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