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Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure Consultation Document


This it the Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure (ISDI) consultation document. It has been published onĀ 31 May 2004. Responses should be submitted by 2 July 2004. Further details about the document are available in Part 1 below. Comments are welcome in both English and Irish.

In the March 2002 New Connections Action Plan issued by the Irish Government [1] it was stated that a National Spatial Data Infrastructure should be established for Ireland.

In November 2002 the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government was appointed by the government to take the lead role in developing an Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure (ISDI). Since this time the Department has undertaken a number of initiatives, including establishing an ISDI Work Group [2] which provides specialist advice and comment, holding a seminar on ISDI for all government departments and selected government agencies, establishing reporting procedures from the ISDI Work Group through the National Spatial Strategy (NSS) Inter-departmental Implementation Committee to the Cabinet Sub-committee on Infrastructure and PPPs.

A key aim during 2004 is to produce an overall policy framework for the ISDI. Prior to developing such a framework it is necessary and appropriate for stakeholders and interested parties to make an input regarding issues or specific policies that they believe should be covered in such a framework. It is also appropriate to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to indicate the kind of contribution which they may wish to make to the ongoing process of building the ISDI. This document provides an opportunity to make such input.

[1] See for a copy of the Plan.

[2] The Group comprises representatives from Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) , Land Registry, Local Government Computer Services Board (LGCSB), Centrals Statistics Office (CSO), the Department of the Taoiseach and academics with knowledge in the field. The Work Group has had seven meetings to date.

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1 Background Information about this Document
2 Sources of the Consultation Document
3 Deadline for Receipt of Responses
4 Submission of Responses
5 Printing Your Comments for Record Purposes
6 Contact for Further Information
7 Draft ISDI Policy Framework

1 What is a Spatial Data Infrastructure
2 Why is an ISDI Needed
3 The Policy Context
4 The Current Situation in Ireland
5 The Key Challenge

1 The Major Topics to be Dealt with in the Policy Framework
2 Vision and Principles
3 Spatial Area of Coverage
4 User Needs
5 Overall Structure of the System
6 Standards
7 Data Issues
8 Small Areas Framework
9 Organisational Issues
10 Education and Training (Capacity Building)
11 Legal Issues
12 Finance / Cost Matters
13 Consultation, Publicity and Communication
14 Implementation Issues
15 Can you Help?
16 Any Other Comments






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