The National Spatial Strategy

2002 - 2020

People Places & Potential

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CEN - Committée Européen de Normalisation
GIS - Geographical Information System
GML - Geography Markup Language
GPS - Global Positioning System
GSDA - Global Spatial Data Association
INSPIRE - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe
IRLOGI - Irish Organisation for Geographical Information
ISDI - Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure
ISO - International Organisation for Standardisation
ITM  - Irish Trasverse Mercator
NGO -  Non-governmental Organisation
NSAI  - National Standards Authority of Ireland
OGC - Open GIS Consortium
OSi - Ordinance Survey Ireland
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant
PPPs  -  Public Private Partnerships
SDI - Spatial Data Infrastructure
UTM - Universal Trasverse Mercator
XML - Extensible Markup Language




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