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Part 1 Consultation Information

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1    Background Information about this Document

This document deals with issues at a broad level and does not set out specific policy proposals. Rather, the intention is to provide a framework within which responses can be elicited. Your responses may be general or specific as we would welcome all types of feedback.

The responses that are obtained on the basis of this consultation document will form an important input into a draft Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure (ISDI) policy framework document that will also be made available for comment.

This consultation document is directed mainly at people or organisations that are involved as spatial data providers or users and who have a level of familiarity with spatial data matters. More specifically it is aimed at :-

  • People in government departments, national agencies, local authorities and utilities who are responsible for managing data, preparing data/statistics/information strategies for their departments/agencies, organising spatial data and using such data
  • People in the teaching and research community
  • Software or hardware system providers and developers
  • Private sector data and information providers
  • Private sector data service providers (i.e. people who undertake data audits, data cleansing, data formatting etc)
  • Professional bodies (planners, engineers etc)
  • Data users from the public, private, voluntary, academic and research sectors.

PART 1 : ISDI CONSULTATION INFORMATION contains background information which will assist you to provide your comments to the Department.

PART 2 : ISDI BACKGROUND ISSUES provides a brief overview of a number of general issues which should help provide a context for the responses and comments from stakeholders and interested parties.

PART 3 : YOUR RESPONSES is organised around major topic areas. Within each of these areas the material is organised in the same way.

  • Firstly, there is a brief discussion related to the topic. In some cases broad options regarding the way forward are suggested.
  • Secondly, some key questions or issues are listed.
  • Finally, space is provided for a response by you or your organisation. You may wish to respond directly to the questions / issues or you may wish to make other comments within the broad topic area. Certainly we would appreciate your comments on the questions but please do not feel constrained to deal only with them. We are also very keen to understand how your organisation is constrained by the lack of an ISDI, priorities you see in the development of an ISDI, and how your organisation can support this development

Just type your comments into the boxes and hit the send button so that your comments are sent to the Department.

ACRONYMS. This part contains a list of acronyms and their full meaning.

2     Sources of the Consultation Document

This consultation document is available in the following ways.

  • On the National Spatial Strategy web site ( ).
  • By downloading from this site, please click on MSWord or PDF as you require. MSWord or PDF.
  • By contacting Cathal McNulty by email on Cathal will send you an electronic copy in MSWord format.
  • By contacting Cathal McNulty at 01 888 2721.

3     Deadline for Receipt of Responses

2 July 2004.

4     Submission of Responses

Responses can be submitted in the following ways.

  • Web Based
    • By clicking the 'Send Comments' button at the end of each comment box in Part 3.
  • MS Word Version
    • If you downloaded the MSWord version of the consultation document from the web site or received one directly from Cathal McNulty you can email your returns to Cathal at .
  • Hardcopy
    • Any written responses or additional documentation should be sent to Cathal McNulty at Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Custom House, Dublin 1.

From the Department's perspective electronic responses are preferable.

5     Printing Your Comments for Record Purposes

If you are providing your comments on the web site you may wish to view them prior to finalising them. 'View your comments' buttons are provided for this purpose. You may wish to keep a hardcopy or electronic record of your web based comments. Provision is made for you to do this at the end of each section where there is a 'Printer friendly version' button.

6     Contact for Further Information

Should you wish to discuss any matter relating to the ISDI prior to submitting your responses you may contact Bruce McCormack of the Department at 01 888 2490 or email him directly at

7     Draft ISDI Policy Framework

It is intended to produce a draft Policy Framework later in 2004 as a basis for consultation. Click here if you would like to be notified when this document becomes available.




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