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Part 2 ISDI Background Issues

2    Why is an ISDI Needed
In general terms some of the benefits of an ISDI could include :-
  • Making 'joined up government' more of a reality
  • Making government more transparent
  • Creating more evidence based policy making
  • Facilitating more targeted service provision
  • Making more effective use of government resources
  • Facilitating more robust spatial analysis and modelling
  • Better monitoring of expenditure and government actions
  • Creating a more informed general public
  • Supporting a more competitive economy
  • Releasing back office resources for front office services through the freeing up staff devoted to unnecessary data capture, data location, data formatting etc processes.

A critical feature of an SDI is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. By linking separate databases in an integrated network, new and innovative insights would become possible which could not be obtained through considering individual non-linked databases. In fact the greater the number of separate data bases which are linked the greater the extent of the benefits.




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