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Part 3 Your Responses

13    Consultation Publicity and Communication

It is suggested that consultation, publicity and communication should be aimed at achieving the following main results :-

  • Obtaining input regarding needs
  • Developing a culture of data sharing
  • Informing stakeholders and the general public about progress and available means of accessing data once appropriate datasets have been developed
  • Obtaining feedback regarding the products and services which would become available
  • Gaining and maintaining support for the ISDI.
Some means of communicating with the various stakeholders and the general public include :-
  • A web site
  • A regular newsletter which is sent to bodies or individuals on a mailing list
  • Presentations at conferences
  • Occasional questionnaires on specific topics
  • Occasional press releases
  • Through IRLOGI, the umbrella geographical information / GIS body in Ireland.


(1)    What should be the objectives of consultation and communication ('top-down' information provision or two-way exchange of views, participation in the process)?

(2)    Would you or your organisation like to be placed on a mailing list so that you can be informed about latest developments regarding the ISDI?

(3)    Have you any suggestions regarding how best to communicate with relevant bodies or individuals?

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