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Part 3 Your Responses

10    Education and Training (Capacity Building)

The ISDI will generate a need for people with specific skills or types of knowledge. For example skills / knowledge in the following areas may be necessary :-

  • GIS
  • Web services and systems
  • Standards
  • Data base management
  • Legal issues
  • Policy and strategy formulation
  • Integration of spatial data bases with document management systems
  • Network development and management
  • Production of manuals and protocols
  • Data collection and coding
  • Communication and liaison.

Without an adequate skills / knowledge base the development and roll-out of the ISDI would be slowed.


(1)     What should be the education and training priorities?

(2)     What other education and skills-related issues can you identify as requiring attention?

(3)      What training and education will be needed to allow your organisation to use its spatial data effectively?

(4)      Could your organisation contribute in any way to providing education and training?

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