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Part 3 Your Responses

12    Finance / Cost Matters

Some of the important financial issues in relation to the ISDI are mentioned below.

Funding ISDI Development and Operation

Funds would need to be available for the following purposes :-

  • The establishment of an ISDI Unit to manage and co-ordinate the roll-out and maintenance of the ISDI on a hands-on day-to-day basis
  • Harmonisation of attribute data by data custodians, particularly in priority thematic areas
  • The creation of the hardware, software and human resources necessary to ensure full and appropriate participation by data custodians in the creation and ongoing operation of the ISDI
  • Publicity and consultation
  • Research
  • Development of tools to facilitate access to data
  • Development of pilot / demonstration projects
  • The purchase of copyright protected spatial data
  • Training for those most directly involved in various facets of the ISDI
  • Development of certain data sets, in particular some of the core data sets.

The Cost of Spatial Data A high cost associated with accessing and using spatial data (particularly reference data) can be a significant hindrance to the widespread use of such data. Given the principle indicating that spatial data should be "abundant" and available "under conditions that do not restrain its extensive use" it is clearly necessary to deal directly with issues linked to the cost of spatial data, clearly recognising the significant cost in collecting and maintaining such data.
The cost of data may be different depending on how the data are used by customers. Uses may include viewing, downloading, adding value and reselling products. Different levels or types of access to data can be used to structure a payment scheme. For example there may be open access, password protected members only access, viewing of low grade data for free with download or high quality data only possible after payment has been made, etc.


(1)    What in your view are appropriate ways to pay for the development and ongoing sustainability of the ISDI?

(2)    Have you any views on how best to ensure adequate recompense for data providers and yet ensure that such data is 'abundant' and widely available and used amongst all stakeholder / user groups?

(3)    Have you any thoughts on what payment schemes should be in place for different types of access to data?

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