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Part 3 Your Responses

14    Implementation Issues

The creation of an ISDI will take many years and the ongoing operation of the ISDI will mean that it will be a continuing aspect of public sector activity into the future. Just as national roads or school buildings require ongoing maintenance and redevelopment so it will be the case with the spatial data infrastructure.
One approach to considering implementation matters is to set out certain milestones which when achieved would represent important stages in the implementation process.
Some short term (say the next two to three years) milestones could include :-

  • The adoption by the government of an ISDI policy framework. This framework would address the wide range of relevant issues which are covered in this consultation document and possibly others which may come to the fore
  • Getting ISDI principles and requirements embedded in the information strategies, statements of strategy and business plans of all government departments and most public sector agencies
  • The establishment of an adequately resourced ISDI Unit which would drive the initiative on an ongoing day-to-day basis
  • Establishment of an ISDI portal
  • The establishment of a mechanism for making reference data widely and quickly available using funding and pricing mechanisms which maximise the widespread use of such data
  • Establishing the infrastructure (or linking to infrastructure currently under development) that would enable linkage of distributed databases, particularly those involving Core Data.

Another implementation issue is what may be termed 'short term deliverables', i.e. products or services that could be made available reasonably quickly. In this regard the OSi has undertaken to focus additional resources on producing digital boundary layers (statutory, administrative, organisational etc).
Milestones in the medium term (say 4 - 7 years) would essentially include consolidation and expansion on the base that would be created in the short term.


(1)    Are there other important milestones which should be targeted in the short term?

(2)    Are some of the above milestones (or any others which you may consider relevant) particularly important and should they be prioritised?

(3)    What are some of the key difficulties which you believe could hold back

implementation of the ISDI or which could facilitate its more rapid implementation? Have you any thoughts on how such impediments could be overcome?

(4)    Can you suggest any 'short term deliverables' which would be of particular benefit to your organisation? What resource could your organisation provide to assist with the realisation of these deliverables?

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