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Part 3 Your Responses

9    Organisational Issues

The ISDI will not happen without focussed intervention. It needs to be created and then developed and maintained on an ongoing basis. Roles and responsibilities regarding the ISDI as a whole and the various elements within the ISDI need to be clearly set out. Some of the key functions for which responsibility would need to be allocated are :-

  • Taking overall responsibility for the ISDI. As mentioned earlier, the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government has this responsibility at present. This role would entail a variety of duties that may be carried out directly by the body taking overall responsibility or by other bodies on its behalf
  • Maintaining and developing core reference data
  • Aligning existing and future attribute data sets in the various thematic areas so that they meet the agreed standards. This would be the responsibility of data custodians in departments, agencies, local authorities etc.
  • Co-ordinating interested bodies
  • Research and development
  • Education and training
  • Data regulation and compliance certification.


(1)     What kind of organisation should have overall responsibility?

(2)     What are the other key functions which need to have roles and responsibilities clearly defined and allocated?

(3)     What role should the private sector and the NGO sector (e.g. IRLOGI, the umbrella Irish Organisation for Geographical Information) play?

(4)     What contribution could your organisation make and what support would you require to play a positive role?

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