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Part 3 Your Responses

3    Spatial Area of Coverage

It has been suggested that the ISDI should focus on both the land area of the Republic as well as the State's territorial waters. By including Ireland's territorial waters, marine data would become integrated into the ISDI and this would generate additional environmental, social and economic benefits for the country. Such a focus would also facilitate coastal zone management which is becoming an increasingly important area of concern.

Given the fact that rivers, people, goods, roads etc flow freely accross the Republic / Northern Ireland boundary it makes sound practical sense to ensure that a special effort is made to ensure integration between spatial data infrastructures North and South of the Border.


(1)    Do you agree that the ISDI should focus on both the land and sea areas?

(2)    Should land or sea areas be prioritised?

(3)    Are there aspects which should be prioritised which cover both land and sea and if so what?

(4)    Have you any comments on the need to ensure adequate co-ordination or integration with initiatives in Northern Ireland and the appropriate means of doing so?

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